We must resist the temptations to sin, by considering the evils they will draw on us

But now, amongst those things which we discover to be sinful, there will be some, unto which, through the disposition of our nature, or long custom, or the endearments of pleasure, we are so much wedded, that it will be like cutting off the right hand, or pulling out the right eye to abandon them.

But must we therefore sit down and wait till all difficulties be over, and every temptation be gone? This were to imitate the fool in the poet, who stood the whole day at the river side, till all the waters should run by.

We must not indulge our inclinations, as we do little children, till they grow weary of the thing they are unwilling to let go; we must not continue our sinful practices, in hopes that the divine grace will one day overpower our spirits, and make us hate them for their own deformity.

—Henry Scougal
The Works of the Rev. H. Scougal, 45–46.


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