Prayer is the converse of the soul with God. Therein we manifest or express to Him our reverence, and love for his divine perfection, our gratitude for all his mercies, our penitence for our sins, our hope in his forgiving love, our submission to his authority, […]
Union with Christ must be a regular part of our thinking, if we are to grow in treasuring Christ and becoming more like Him. Who we are in Christ has not yet appeared, but is to rule our thoughts now. The power of the gospel for […]
Christ’s heart-cry prayer in John 17 brings to focus with unique clarity a very significant tension that has marked the whole history of the church, namely that we are in and not of the world. One danger is to abuse the fact that we are “in […]
A Library of Inspired Songs The Psalms constitute one of the high points of the revelation of God and His character in the Old Testament. It preserves for us the ancient prayers and the praises of the people of God, the deepest expressions of hearts reflecting […]