In the hour of temptation it is hard for the soul to hold fast to Christ’s love. There is nothing that Satan sets himself more against than the shining forth of the love of Christ in its natural lustre. He assaults Christians with diverse thoughts to darken their judgment. He makes God out to be a fierce destroyer, and Christ a withholder of his love. But the true knowledge of Christ’s love delivers us from all this. For this purpose Christ bids us to continue in his love (John 15:9). Faith in Christ’s love disperses and drives away all such fogs and mists of darkness, and makes the soul rest in the promise of eternal life, yea, it helps us to grow up in him in all things. Here spring forth the riches of his love—that the eternal Word, for the salvation of sinners, should come down from heaven and be made flesh. This act of condescension displays such love that can never fully be understood. In this, his love was deep, broad, long, and high. That human nature was taken into union with God. By this very act of heavenly wisdom we have an inconceivable pledge of the love of Christ to man. He became a common person, and in his love he disabled our foes. When Satan, death, the grave and sin have done whatever they can do, we are still more than conquerors through him that loved us (Rom. 8:37). Christ in love is preparing a place for us, and has sent the Holy Spirit to strengthen us under all adversity. Christ is touched in our afflictions, and is laying himself out in intercession to preserve us from ruin. We will behold his glory and be partakers of it. He will come for us as a bridegroom and wrap us in the robes of glory. Then forever there shall be no death or sorrow. We know his great love when we consider all the glories, all the benefits, and all the blessings laid up in heaven. Who can understand his love?

John Bunyan, Works, 2:26-30


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