I know, O Lord, and tremble to think, that three parts of the good seed fell upon bad ground. Let not my heart be like the highway. Through hardness and want of true understanding it does not receive the seed, so the evil one comes and […]
The humble soul knows that God out of Christ is incommunicable, that God out of Christ is incomprehensible, that God out of Christ is very terrible, and that God out of Christ is inaccessible; and, therefore, he always brings Christ with him, presents all his requests […]
Let us beware of resting satisfied with head knowledge. It is an excellent thing when rightly used. But a person may have much of it, and still perish everlastingly. What is the state of our hearts? This is the great question. —J. C. Ryle Matthew, Crossway […]
John Calvin
Cor meum tibi offero, Domine, prompte et sincere. “My heart I offer to you, O Lord, promptly and sincerely” “I offer my heart to you, O Lord, eagerly and earnestly”
To lead a discouraged people to the Holy War is as difficult as for Xerxes’ commanders to conduct the Persian troops to battle against the Greeks, The vassals of the great king were driven to the conflict by whips and sticks, for they were afraid to […]