Let all your obedience to God turn upon the hinge of love.
The perfect law of God requires only this: complete love without the least defect—all the heart, all the soul, and all the might. A corrupt grain makes the whole unacceptable, as one condition not observed forfeits the whole lease, though all the rest be kept. … […]
Christians ought to love Christ with supremacy of love; they must place Him in the highest seat of their hearts (Matthew 10:37). … Christians may love father and mother; the laws of God and nature require it. They may love husband and wife; the Word of […]
Where divine love possesseth the soul, it stands as centinel to keep out every thing that may offend the Beloved.
Do as they do that would keep in the fire, cherish the sparks and blow them up to a flame. There is no man that lives under the means of grace, and under the discoveries of God, but hath his good moods and very lively motions. […]