After millions of years and ages, the felicity of the saints shall be as far from ending, as when their souls were first received into paradise

The infinite love of God, the everlasting merit of Christ, and the unchangeableness of the covenant of grace, assures us they shall be happy forever.

They shall eat of the tree of life, in the midst of the paradise of God

To live forever in the light, and love, and joy of heaven—oh! what a thought is that! How may it swallow up all our other thoughts! If one day’s communion with God on earth is better than a thousand elsewhere, what shall we think of immediate, everlasting communion with God in heaven? We shall see Him as He is, and love Him more than we can now think; and that not for a day or a week, but for thousands of millions of years—yes, for a long blessed eternity that will never be over.

We shall see Him, love Him, praise Him, and enjoy Him forevermore

What we shall see and know will never lessen in our eye and esteem; what we shall love will never cease to be lovely. What we shall praise, will always deserve our praise, and what we shall enjoy, we shall never be weary of enjoying.

—John Shower, 1657-1715


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