Christ is not received and entertained as Lord and King, but where His laws are obeyed

If you receive Him as Lord and King, so also obey Him. In the Lord’s Prayer, first, we say, “Thy kingdom come,” then we add, “Thy will be done.” We do but prattle on the Lord’s Prayer, and say it with our lips only, until we are resolved to do what God would have us to do-to love and hate, fear and rejoice, as God directs. Until we are brought to this frame, we do not in good earnest say, “Thy kingdom come.”

An earthly king will do according to his will. So Christ stands upon His will in His law. If you have taken God for your God, and Jesus Christ for your King, then say, with David, “Teach me to do thy will, for thou art my God” (Ps 143:10).

It is a universal maxim, “His servants you are whom you do obey”

Where is your obedience? If you are subjects of grace, then every thought will be brought into subjection (2 Cor 10:5). You will watch not only against your irregular actions, but every thought which lifts up itself against the obedience of Christ.

There will be a greater tenderness upon us not to break any of the holy laws which belong to Christ’s government. Hereby you may know whether you come under another king.

—Thomas Manton, 1620-1677


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