How wonderful is this love that it manifested in giving Christ to die for us. For this is love to enemies… How wonderful was the love of the Father, in giving such a gift to those who not only could not be profitable to Him, but were His enemies and to so great a degree. We had great enmity against Him, yet so did He love us, that He gave His own Son to Lay down His life, in order to save our lives, from His own throne there to be in the form of a servant; and instead of a throne of glory, gave Him to be nailed to the cross, and to be laid in the grave, so that we might be brought to a throne of glory. How wonderful was the love of Christ in thus exercising dying love towards His enemies. He loved those that hated Him, with hatred sought to take away His life, so as voluntarily to lay down His life that they might have life through Him.

—Jonathan Edwards


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