Augustine of Hippo
God is on high, and yet the higher you lift up yourself, the farther you are from Him; the lower you humble yourself, the nearer He draws to you. Low things He looks close upon, that He may raise them: proud things He knows afar off, […]
The humble soul knows that God out of Christ is incommunicable, that God out of Christ is incomprehensible, that God out of Christ is very terrible, and that God out of Christ is inaccessible; and, therefore, he always brings Christ with him, presents all his requests […]
Humility is so essential to the right state of our souls, that there is no pretending to a reasonable or pious life without it. We may as well think to see without eyes, or live without breath, as to live in the spirit of religion without […]
Is not pride the sin of devils? The firstborn of hell? Is it not that wherein Satan’s image doth much consist; and is it tolerable evil in a man that is so engaged against him and his kingdom as we are? The very design of the […]
We are most of us far more likely to err on the side of over-caution than of over-zeal: we are generally far more disposed to remember the “time to be silent” than the “time to speak” (Ecclesiastes 3:7). It is a lesson, however, which ought to […]