The beauty and wonder of creation is neither accidental nor incidental; it is purposed to evoke delight and awe. Because creation was purposed, it’s spellish attraction and inspiration make sense. Creation was purposed for rational creatures to rejoice, not in the creation alone, but in the […]
Israel was repeatedly instructed to keep their history alive. When children would ask about the Passover feast, their parents were specifically instructed to explain not only the historical significance, but the greater reality of God that stands behind it (Ex 12:26-27). Repeatedly the covenant people were […]
Jesus of Nazareth, born in the line and city of David, is the long awaited King. He is King of Israel and all the nations of the world. But Jesus was–and is–not the King of popular expectation. “He was in the world, and the world was […]
Of all the exhortations directed to dads this Father’s Day, I pray that imitability is impressed upon hearts and sealed with the fear of God. By ‘imitability’ I mean a life and character that is worthy of being imitated. It is nearly virtuous in our day […]
The only life peculiarly marked by the Resurrection of Christ is a life peculiarly lived in constant thought of the death of Christ. A right response to the gospel is death to self and life to God because of, by the power of, and to the […]