The beauty and wonder of creation is neither accidental nor incidental; it is purposed to evoke delight and awe. Because creation was purposed, it’s spellish attraction and inspiration make sense. Creation was purposed for rational creatures to rejoice, not in the creation alone, but in the delight of the God who creates.It is most certainly a matter of learning to appreciate the greater through the lesser. Creation was purposed for rational creatures to stand humbly in awe of God. The sheer pleasure of creation arouses a disposition commonly identified with gratitude. A thoughtful person ‘appreciates’ such things.

Have we stopped today to think about and thank God for creation? All who have ears to hear and eyes to see and the will to perceive the invisible attributes of God in the things that have been made are clearly called to honor God and give Him thanks in their thinking (cf. Romans 1:20-21). May God be glorified in what we perceive, enjoy, and think about in His creation.

-Pastor Manny


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