Christ is the most amiable person and the most suitable object for your love.

If you ask of the days which are past, which were before you since the day that God created man upon the earth; if you seek from one side of heaven to the other; if you make inquiry into all the parts of the earth, you will never find that there ever was or is to be found any person so lovely, so beautiful and so in every way deserving of your love, as the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is a matchless, transcendent, and incomparable beauty and excellency in Him.

How passionately are some foolish men in love with the external beauty which they see in some women … the lovely mixture of colors in the face, the beauty of the eyes, their spirit, their quick and graceful motions, and amorous glances; how this ravishes the hearts of some fond lovers! Although, the most beautiful body in the world is no better than painted clay, dirt and corruption, enclosed in fair skin, which sickness will cause to look pale, and death will mar and spoil.

But the amiableness and beauty of Christ is more transcendent and permanent, and therefore a more fit object for your love. Christ is fairer than the children of men; He is all fair, without any spot, altogether lovely, without any blemish or deformity.

—Thomas Vincent


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