Sin has made men worship either (1) a false God, which is idolatry; or (2) God falsely, which is superstition. Man has become such a fool that his worship, till enlightened and converted, is either a breach of the First or Second Commandment. He fails as […]
Superstitious fear opposes the fear of God There is a superstitious fear in reference to casual things some are transported with every trifling contingency; if the salt falls towards them, or if a hare crosseth them in the way, presently they grow pale or red upon […]
Superstition is described as “unreasoning awe or fear of something unknown, mysterious, or imaginary, especially in connexion with religion.”[1] It is fanciful explanations of unexplained phenomena that are often dressed in the garb of religion. Let it be clearly noted here that biblical Christianity is emphatically […]