Grace gives a Christian his form and being, his work and his working, for all working is from the inward being and form of things. By grace we are what we are in justification, and work what we work in sanctification. Richard Sibbes (Works, 6:245)
Let us not dream that true Christians can ever attain such a state of perfection in this world as not to need the mediation and intercession of Jesus. Sinners we are in the day we first come to Christ. Poor needy sinners we continue to be […]
Thomas Watson
When we oppose sin out of love to God, and because it strikes at his holiness.
Where divine love possesseth the soul, it stands as centinel to keep out every thing that may offend the Beloved.
There can be no treaty of peace, till once we lay down those weapons of rebellion wherewith we fight against heaven; nor can we expect to have our distempers cured, if we be daily feeding on poison.