No other movement of religious protest or reform since antiquity has been so widespread or lasting in its effects, so deep and searching in its criticism of received wisdom, so destructive in what it abolished or so fertile in what it created. Euan Cameron
I began to understand that the righteousness of God is that by which the righteous lives by a gift of God, namely by faith.
It is not from works that we are set free by the faith of Christ, but from the belief in works, that is from foolishly presuming to seek justification through works. Faith redeems our consciences, makes them upright, and preserves them, since by it we recognize […]
This day I am praying for the congregation that I love and serve—not unlike any other day—with a particular burden for their love to Christ. I pray that “in everything [Christ] might be preeminent” (Col 1:18)—in our hearts, in our thoughts, in our desires, in our […]