John Calvin
It is, therefore, by the benefit of prayer that we reach those riches which are laid up for us with the Heavenly Father. For there is a communion of men with God by which, having entered the heavenly sanctuary, they appeal to him in person concerning […]
Is not the sweet presence of Christ in heart an oasis for the soul in our desert sojourn?
Communion presupposes union. By nature we are strangers, yea, enemies to God; but we are reconciled, brought nigh, and become his children, by faith in Christ Jesus. We can have no true knowledge of God, desire towards him, access unto him, or gracious communications from him, […]
If we do not delight in communion with him, we do not honour him as the chiefest good. Friends love to be often in one another’s company, and certainly ‘it is good to draw nigh to God,’ to preserve an acquaintance between him and us. He […]
Communion with Christ is a foretaste of heaven. Here we enjoy His person and all the sweet relations to His person. We enjoy His death and all the saving fruits, privileges, and influences of His death. We are also brought into Christ’s banqueting house, held in […]