Humanity does not need a man-centered God.

Nor is a man-centered gospel “good news” to a fallen world. Man-centeredness was the cause of the Fall in the first place. In a very significant way, the Fall was a “fall” from the heights of God-centered existence into man-centered existence (Gen 3:6).

In a very disturbing way, the world that we now live in is the world that man-centeredness has made. This man-centered course will inevitably deepen its own degeneration: “But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self…” (2Tim 3:1-2).

A man-centered gospel surely cannot be the solution to man-centeredness. What man needs is God-centeredness restored!

Therefore, only a God-centered Savior can love us in such a way that He meets our deepest need (cf. John 17:1-5).

This is our most basic salvation: to be saved from self-destruction; to be salvaged from ruin and spared from the due penalty of our rebellion through the Savior who is our God-centered Substitute; to be graciously restored to a place where we can rightly value what is truly most valuable, delight in what is most deserving, live for what is most lovely, glory in what is most good, behold what is most beautiful, extol what is most excellent, and worship what is most worthy—Christ alone can restore man to God in, through, and for God-centeredness.

Surely a God-centered God with a God-centered gospel is the only solution to man-centeredness.

May all who have tasted the goodness of the Lord rejoice, with praise to God in a heart of humility and thanksgiving. Amen.


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