Everyone thinks—we cannot avoid it.

As the heart contracts to pump blood, so the mind thinks to process life. It is as a waterwheel firmly fixed in a rushing river; so long as the river of life flows, the mind turns. The turning of the wheel does not determine greatness, rather it is what the wheel turns—what it works on, what its energies are used for—that distinguishes the mill.

The quest of the godly mind is godly thoughts, a thought-life that is engaged in the honorable work of thinking all things for the glory of God. The key is to keep the ever-turning wheel of the mind rightly engaged upon the right work—this takes deliberate discipline.

All think, but not all do well in their thoughts. Thinking is common to all, but the rule and pattern of thinking drastically differs between those who love God and those who do not—or at least it should.

-Pastor Manny


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