Christ is to be trusted not only for the world to come, to give us entrance into heaven, but for this world also, to lead and help us on, to be with us in all our way from first to last.

Our great difficulty, and our great danger of miscarrying, is not so much in our end, as in our way to it: As hard as it is to die well, it is harder to live well. Though the last enemy, death, looks with a more frightful face, yet our enemies that we meet with all along our lives, sin, and lust, and temptation, do us the most deadly mischief.

He that has conquered sin need not fear to encounter death; do but live a holy life, and then be nothing careful how ye shall die. Of those saints in Hebrews 11, Abel, Abraham, Sarah, and the rest of them, it is recorded that they lived by faith; it is said of them, “They all died by faith” (v. 13); not one among them miscarried in death, who by faith kept close to God in their lives.

—Richard Alleine


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