The first thing necessary to be done, is, that this Son of God should become our representative and surety; and so be substituted in the sinner’s room. But who of created intelligences would have thought of any such thing as the eternal and infinitely beloved Son of God being substituted in the room of sinners? his standing in stead of a sinner, a rebel, an object of the wrath of God? Who would have thought of a person of infinite glory representing sinful worms, that had made themselves by sin infinitely provoking and abominable? For, if the Son of God be substituted in the sinner’s room, then his sin must be charged upon him: he will thereby take the guilt of the sinner upon himself; he must be subject to the same law that man was, both as to the commands, and threatening: but who would have thought of any such thing concerning the Son of God?

—Jonathan Edwards
Works, 2:143.


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