The infinite and glorious God, though He is so high that He humbled himself to behold things in heaven, and so holy that “the heavens are unclean in His sight” (Job 15:15), is yet so gracious that He condescends to, and converses with, poor sinful dust and ashes.

Among all those ways which He has appointed the children of men to walk with Him in, prayer is one of the fairest and pleasantest. In this duty, the children of God whisper Him in the ear, open their minds, and unbosom themselves to Him, as His intimate friends and favorites.

He has been pleased to command it, not only out of His dominion over them, and for His own glory—”He that offereth praise glorifieth me” (Ps 50:23)—but also out of His compassion to them, and for their good, that by prayers (as some far distant do by letters) there might be a constant and uninterrupted communication and correspondence between heaven and earth.

—George Swinnock



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