Let it be your art in duty to give God your heart in duty: “My son, give me thy heart” (Prov. 23:26). You see God calls for the heart; the heart is that field from which God expects the utmost plentiful crop of glory. God bears a greater respect to your hearts than He does to your works. God looks most where man looks least. If the heart is for God, then all is for God—our affections, our wills, our desires, our designs, our time, our strength, our tears, our alms, our prayers, our estates, our bodies, our souls—for the heart is the fort-royal that commands all the rest; the eye, the ear, the hand, the tongue, the head, the foot—the heart commands all these. Now if God has the heart, He has all. If He has not the heart, He has none. The heart of obedience is the obedience of the heart. As the body is at the command of the soul that rules it, so should the soul be at the command of God that gave it. “Ye are bought with a price,” says the apostle, “therefore glorify God in your bodies, and in your spirits” (1 Cor. 6:20). He that is all in all for us would have that which is all in all in us. The heart is the presence-chamber, where the King of glory takes up His lodging. That which is most worthy in us should be given to Him who is most worthy of us. The body is but the cabinet, the soul is the jewel; the body is but the shell, the soul is the kernel. The soul is the breath of God, the beauty of man, the wonder of angels, and the envy of devils.

—William Dyer



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