God loves you in eternity with that love with which He loves the Lord Jesus, for He beholds you in the light of the same loveliness in which He beholds Jesus Christ. Then He brings down the treasure of this love and loveliness, which is His beloved Son, into you, and sows Him, as the seed of the divine nature and sonship. He springs up in you, transforms you into His own likeness, and grows up in an in separable union and fellowship with you.

Now God has another son, in which He sees His Son in conjunction on earth, as He saw them before in conjunction in heaven. Lastly, God embraces this son on earth, in whom He sees His Son. He gives him the kiss of a father, with all the joys of a father. He takes Him into His arms, carries him up into heaven changing him still, as He carries him up, till this union begun below, be at last made perfect in, and swallowed up into that union, which was at first in eternity.

Then shall the Lord Jesus see Himself in a saint after the same manner, in which a saint is seen in the Lord Jesus; both being made perfect in each, and all made perfect in one. Follow on to know the Lord, and His love, and you shall know this love of the Lord.

—Peter Sterry, Member of the Westminster Assembly


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