Were phylacteries in use among Christians, I would recommend this Scripture to be bound about your necks, or written upon the table of your hearts. This is a Scripture whereon we may well say Amen to Augustine’s Confessions: “O, the wonderful depth, my God, the wonderful depth of thy Word! Though there be an outside sweetness, tempting us to taste it, there is an inside excellency forcing us to admire it.” “Whom have I in heaven but thee,” that is, who is there in heaven for me to trust in, or call upon besides God? Or this, what is there, that is precious in heaven, which I desire without thee, or before thee? “And there is none upon earth that I desire besides thee,” that is, so much as I can wish, I will not dote upon anything on earth; nothing less, my acquiescence in God renders all things without Him worth nothing.

—Samuel Annesley


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