All the spiritual blessings wherewith the Church is enriched are in and by Christ. The apostle instances some of the choicest (Eph. 1:3). Our election is by him (Eph 1:4). Our adoption is by him (Eph 1:5). Our redemption and remission of sins are both through him. All the gracious transactions between God and his people are through Christ. God loves us through Christ; he hears our prayers through Christ; he forgives us all our sins through Christ. Through Christ he justifies us; through Christ he sanctifies us; through Christ he upholds us; through Christ he perfects us. All his relations to us are through Christ; all we have is from Christ; all we expect to have hangs upon him. He is the golden hinge upon which all our salvation turns.

—Charles H. Spurgeon citing Ralph Robinson
My Sermon Notes (Passmore and Alabaster, 1884)


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