Now or never is the season to prepare for eternity, seeing that your states are unchangeable after death. The gulf will then be fixed; there is no possibility for repentance, or hope of pardon beyond the grave. …

Now is your time to hearken to good counsel. Many of you have misspent a great part of your life; you shall not live it over again. You are not certain of the future. You may be in an unchangeable state before you are aware. So that to defer it one week or day longer may be your undoing. You have now a promise of forgiveness, if you repent, and the hopes of God’s grace, if you seek it. You have yet an opportunity to make peace with God. This is your accepted time, the day of salvation. The door of mercy and of hope is yet open, but before long it will be shut, and your state immutable. Whatever is to be done in preparation for eternity must be now or never. Now quickly or it will be too late; now presently, and without delay, or it may be too late.

John Shower, Heaven and Hell (1700), 55-57.


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