“Know that the LORD Himself is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves” (Ps 100:3 NASB).

We cannot live true to our being until our thinking forms a conscious awareness over all our thoughts that self is a creature of God. The character of our thoughts reflects our perception of God and self; and our lives do not rise above the character of our thoughts.

Because the habitation of our thoughts is framed by our view of self, it is no wonder that our view of God is grossly impoverished. And because our love to God will never outshine our thoughts of God, it is no wonder why we often lack affection and zeal for God. The proper response involves personal discipline and the deliberate application of one’s thought-life to elevate our perception of God.

It is a great tragedy when the creature denies his creatureliness; it can only lead to the rejection of God. When the creature says in his heart that there is no Creator, he seeks to deny not only God but his own creatureliness. He is motivated by a high and deserving view of self and a low and impoverished view of God, which is hostility toward God (Rom 8:7). It is the clay insulting the Potter by denying that he is the work of the Potter’s hands.

Godless thinking renders a man a fool. This does not mean that he is mentally deficient or unintellectual; it simply classifies his thoughts as being devoid of God. We must think as creatures of God in order to live true to our being; and we must occupy our minds with true thoughts of God, our Creator, in order to glorify Him in our lives and enjoy Him forever (Ec 12:1).

If we think as creatures of God, not only will our thoughts become more suitable to our being, we will become greater worshipers of God. Then, for those redeemed in Christ, will the love of God become more transformative in the practice of our living. We too would say, “What is man, that you make so much of him, and that you set your heart on him” (Job 7:17).


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