Thomas Watson

Life is the Porch of Eternity

Here the believer dresses himself that he may be fit to enter in with the Bridegroom.

We cannot say of a wicked man that life is his

Though he lives, yet life is not his; he is dead while he lives. He does not improve the life of nature to get the life of grace. He is like a man that takes the lease of a farm, and makes no benefit of it. He has been so long in the world, as Seneca speaks, but he has not lived. He was born in the reign of such a king, his father left him such an estate, he was of such an age, and then he died. There is an end of him; his life was not worth a prayer, nor his death worth a tear.

The privilege of life is a believer’s

Life to a child of God is an advantage for heaven. This life is given to him to make provision for a better life.

While he has natural life, he lays hold upon eternal life. How does he work out his salvation? What ado is there to get his evidences sealed? What weeping? What wrestling? How does he even take heaven by storm?

So that life is yours; it is to a child of God a season of grace, and seed-time of eternity. The longer he lives, the riper he grows for heaven.

The life of a believer spends as a lamp, he does good to himself and to others. The life of a sinner runs out as the sand; it does little good. The life of the one is as a figure engraved in marble; the life of the other as letters written in dust.

—Thomas Watson


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