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God Purposes to Humble Us

Our heart, at least mine, is desperately proud; and if there be a sin which God hates more than another, and more sets himself against, it is the sin of pride. Though some men are more tempted, perhaps, to that sin than others, and, like a weed upon a ash-heap, it may grow more profusely in some soils, especially when well fertilized by rank and riches, praise and flattery, our own ignorance, and the ignorance of others, yet all inherit it alike from their fallen ancestor, who got it from Satan, that “king over all the children of pride.” Those, perhaps, who think they possess the least pride, and view themselves with wonderful self-admiration among the humblest of mortals, may have as much or more pride, than those who feel and confess it, only rather more deeply hid and buried more out of sight in the dark recesses of their carnal mind. As God then sees all hearts, and knows every movement of pride, whether we see it or not, his purpose is to humble us.

—J. C. Philpot
Sermon “Wilderness Hunger and Heavenly Manna”
Preached at Gower Street Chapel, London, July 1, 1866


God’s Counsel Shall Stand

I am God, and there is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done, saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure’
Isaiah 46:9-10

World events are not tangled, confused, or perplexing to God … Jehovah’s power is apparent, from the least to the greatest, for God is in all and rules all. He guides the grain of dust in the March wind and the planets in their immeasurable pathways. He steers each drop of spray beaten back from the face of the rock. He leads the north star (Jer 31:35). God is the dictator of destinies. He appoints both the ideas and the end. He is the King of kings (Rev 19:16), ruling rulers and guiding counselors. He is the same in the crash of battle or in the hush of peace. He is the same in famine or in the joy of an abundant harvest. He is Lord. He does according to His will, not only in heaven but among the inhabitants of this lower world. The storm may rage, but all is well, for our Captain is the governor of storms. He who trod the waves of the Galilean lake is at the helm, and at His command winds and waves are quiet (Mt 14:27). Courage, dear friend. The Lord, the ever-merciful, has appointed every moment of sorrow and every pang of suffering. If He ordains the number ten, it can never rise to eleven, nor should you desire that it shrink to nine.

—Charles H. Spurgeon


The Kingship of Christ

More and more people imagine that Christ exists for our sake, while the much richer notion of our existing for the sake of Christ does not arise.

—Abraham Kuyper
Pro Rege


Every Square Inch

There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign of all, does not cry: “Mine!”

—Abraham Kuyper
Statement at the opening of the Free University of Amsterdam

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