We live in a world where sorrow abounds. This has always been its state since sin came in. There cannot be sin without sorrow. And until sin is driven out from the world, it is vain for anyone to suppose he can escape sorrow. J. C. […]

“Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.” Thomas Moore
The sufferings of Christ are exceedingly powerful, to melt believers’ hearts into godly sorrow.
Sin may be the occasion of great sorrow, where there is no sorrow for sin; as it was with Esau. Men may rue that in the consequents, which yet they like well enough in the causes. —John Owen Works of John Owen, 24:305.
This week gave occasion to reflect upon my lack of weeping over my own sin—a lack I also see in the church of God today. Manifest brokenness over sin is so uncommon in our day it is suspect at first sight. This is understandable since emotionalism […]