Augustine of Hippo
God is on high, and yet the higher you lift up yourself, the farther you are from Him; the lower you humble yourself, the nearer He draws to you. Low things He looks close upon, that He may raise them: proud things He knows afar off, […]
Nothing is so likely to keep a man out of heaven, and prevent him seeing Christ, as pride.
Humility is so essential to the right state of our souls, that there is no pretending to a reasonable or pious life without it. We may as well think to see without eyes, or live without breath, as to live in the spirit of religion without […]
Is not pride the sin of devils? The firstborn of hell? Is it not that wherein Satan’s image doth much consist; and is it tolerable evil in a man that is so engaged against him and his kingdom as we are? The very design of the […]
John Calvin
It is an evil which prevails everywhere among mankind, that everyone sets himself above others. —John Calvin