To lengthen my patience, is the best way to shorten my troubles; and to lessen my patience, is the speediest way to lengthen my pain. I am my own foe if I offer to limit God. He is sure, though, to my depraved flesh, he be […]
“Ungodly men are too impatient to wait for solid and eternal pleasures, but snatch at the pleasures of sin, which are but for a season. These resemble children who cannot tarry till the grapes are ripe, and therefore eat them sour and green.” Pleasure lies mainly […]
Beg of God a waiting frame of spirit As there is nothing more sinful in itself, nor more tormenting to ourselves in an evil day, than an impatient, hasty spirit, so there is nothing more conducive to our glorifying of God, nor to the quiet of […]
We live in the day of the unprecedented instant. The world has never known instant like we do. We have Google (which in a search for “instant” renders “About 1,610,000,000 results” in 0.24 seconds). We have mobile phones, digital photography, instant messaging, texting, and broadband Internet […]