The carnal person fears man, not God; the strong Christian fears God, not man; the weak Christian fears man too much, and God too little.
Oh! if we did but verily believe that the promise of this glory is the word of God, and that God doth truly mean as he speaks, and is fully resolved to make it good; if we did verily believe that there is, indeed, such blessedness […]
We must shape not in our fancies such troubles as are never likely to fall out. It comes either from weakness or guiltiness, to fear shadows. We shall not need to make crosses; they will, as we say of foul weather, come before they be sent […]
THIS world’s a forest, where, from day to day, Bears, wolves, and lions, range and seek their prey; Amidst them all poor harmless lambs are fed, And by their very dens in safety led. They roar upon us, but are held in chains; Our shepherd is […]
Superstitious fear opposes the fear of God There is a superstitious fear in reference to casual things some are transported with every trifling contingency; if the salt falls towards them, or if a hare crosseth them in the way, presently they grow pale or red upon […]