God is to be sought unto for Himself.
Desire not gifts, but mercies from God; not pebbles but pearls, and always labor for that which God never bestows but in love.
Do You Love the World? That will be seen by observing the bent of our heart, how it is swayed towards God and his service, and how towards things below. When two masters are parted, their servants will be known whom they serve, by following their […]
The hart longs after nothing else but waterbrooks. There may have been other times when the poor stag had other natural desires: she may have desired the grassy plains or the shady woods, but now, hunted, wearied, steaming, panting, it must drink or die: it has […]
There is but a very imperfect union with God to be had in this world —A very imperfect knowledge of him in the midst of much darkness; a very imperfect conformity to God, mingled with abundance of estrangement. Here we can serve and glorify God but […]