The true Christian is one whose religion is in his heart and life. It is felt by himself in his heart. It is seen by others in his conduct and life. He feels his sinfulness, guilt, and badness, and repents. He sees Jesus Christ to be […]
John Calvin
It is the duty of the faithful to “present their bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God;” and that in this consists the legitimate worship of him. Hence is deduced an argument for exhorting them: “Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed […]
Had it been published by a voice from heaven that twelve poor men, taken out of boats and creeks, without any help of learning, should conquer the world to the cross, it might have been thought an illusion against all the reason of men; yet we […]
Be regular in going to church, whenever it is open for prayer and preaching, and it is in your power to attend. I would not want to leave any false impression on your minds. Do not go away and say I told you that going to […]