This past Lord’s day, I shared with the church that I love and serve that I will be praying each morning this week at 9am and invited all who are interested to join me, wherever you are, in prayer.

This is the week set aside to meditate upon and commemorate our precious Savior’s suffering. It is the week of our Lord’s Passion. Let us take every opportunity this week to direct our minds to the grand contemplation of Christ and Him crucified on our behalf.

Each day and throughout the day, but particularly at 9am, I am inviting whoever is interested to join me in prayer.

I am praying for the salvation of people in my family, neighborhood, larger community, country, and world. I will be praying for those who I know and love that do not know and love God.

I am praying for churches across our land and the world to be faithful to the ministry of the gospel, especially this week as many visit churches.

I am praying for the sanctification of saints; for the purity and holiness of the church of God; for the testimony and witness of the holy grace of God among us; for deepening and growing love for one another and for increasing compassion for the unrepentant.

I am praying for the glory of God in our midst. I am praying for the congregation of saints that I love and serve; for our love to God and one another in Christ; for our humility in Christ; for our view of God, His word, and His church; for our minds to be transformed by the renewing of our minds; for our walk to be increasingly stepping for the glory of God; for our service to be earnest, consistent, and without complaint; for our integrity, consistency, and faithfulness.

Let us take the commemoration of our Lord’s Passion week seriously. Matthew Henry tells of a story of a great statesman, who retired from public life in his latter days, and gave himself up to serious thought. When his former “free-spirited” companions later encountered him, suggesting that he was becoming somber, he replied, “No, I am serious; for everyone around me is serious. God is serious in observing us—Christ is serious in interceding for us—the Spirit is serious in striving with us—the truths of God are serious—our spiritual enemies are serious in their endeavors to ruin us—poor lost sinners are serious in hell—and why then should you and I not be serious too?”

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