The man who was born blind whose eyes were opened at the pool of Siloam, said, “One thing I know.” This simple statement I want to turn into a pointed question.

Among the many things, dear friends, that you are acquainted with, do you know the one thing that this poor man knew, “Whereas I was blind, now I see”? There is a wealth of self-knowledge in this single avowal. Little enough, I daresay, he knew about other people, but he knew a great deal about himself. He was well aware that he once was blind, and he was quite positive that he now could see. Oh! can you say it with sincerity—”I know that I was once blind; I could see no beauty in Christ, though I thought I saw great beauties in the world. Then I could not love God; I did not hate sin; I had no repentance, nor had I any faith: I was blind; but now—oh, blessed change—now I see my sin, and weep over it; now I see a Saviour and I trust him; now I see his beauties and I admire him; now I see his service, and I delight to spend my strength in it. One thing I know.”

What a marvelous experience of a marvelous change this implies!

—Charles H. Spurgeon
The Present Truth (Passmore and Alabaster, 1883).


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