Thomas Watson

Seeing there is a God, let us labour to get an interest in Him. “This God is our God” (Ps 48:14). Since the fall we have lost likeness to God, and communion with God; let us labour to recover this lost interest, and pronounce this Shibboleth, “My God” (Ps 43:4). It is little comfort to know there is a God, unless He be ours. God offers Himself to be our God.  “I will be their God” (Jer 31:13). And faith catches hold of the offer, it appropriates God, and makes all that is in Him over to us to be ours; His wisdom to be ours, to teach us; His holiness ours, to sanctify us; His Spirit ours, to comfort us; His mercy ours, to save us. To be able to say, God is mine, is more than to have all mines of gold and silver.

—Thomas Watson
A Body of Divinity


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