It was a marvelous mercy for God to make man out of the earth; but here God was made man, he became man Himself. There all was done with one word, “Let us make man.” It was easily done. But in this, for Christ to become man for us, and to suffer many things, to be “made a curse for us,” it was not so easy a matter. Therefore herein there is a great manifestation of the glory of God’s goodness and mercy to us. For God has set Himself to be glorious in His mercy, and goodness, and grace, in Christ. He has set Himself to triumph over the greatest ill in man, which is sin, in the glorious work of redemption. So that you see here the greatest glory and mercy of God appears in our redemption by Jesus Christ, the foundation of which is His incarnation.

—Richard Sibbes (1577-1635)


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