Much of the beauty of holiness lies in little things

Microscopic holiness is the perfection of excellence: if a life will bear examination in each hour of it, it is pure indeed. Those who are not careful about their words, and even their thoughts, will soon grow careless concerning their more notable actions. Those who tolerate sin in what they think to be little things, will soon indulge it in greater matters.

To live by the day and to watch each step, is the true pilgrimage method

More lies in the careful noting of every single act than careless minds can well imagine. Be this then your prayer: “Lord, direct my morning thoughts, that the step out of my chamber into the world may be taken in thy fear. At my table keep me in thy presence; behind my counter, or in my field, or whereever else I may be, suffer me not to grieve thy Spirit by any evil; and when I come to lie down at night, let the action (which seemeth so indifferent) of casting myself upon my pillow, be performed with a heart that loveth thee; so that I shall be prepared to be with thee, if wakeful, during the night.”

This brief prayer, “Order my steps,” teaches us attention to the minutia of life; may we have grace to learn the lesson.

—Charles H. Spurgeon
Flashes of Thought, 203.


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