Directing prayers to the Father, in the name of the Son, through the Holy Spirit, can remove the greatest discouragements that any Christian ever meets with when  they pray.

Neither God’s majestic infinite justice, the greatness of the multitude of sins, the sense of unworthiness and insufficiency to think a good thought, nor the feeling that many times we do not know what nor how to pray can dishearten us, if we consider that we pray to God, who is God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Also, we can be heartened that we may pray in this order, namely, to the Father of Christ who is our Father, in the name of Jesus Christ who has [made satisfaction for our sins] and daily makes intercession for us, and in the Spirit who helps our infirmities and makes requests for us, though it is sometimes with sighs and groans which are not distinctly uttered.

These marks show that there is life and spirit in our prayers, and God will accept them. He knows the meaning of His Spirit, and will accept the work of His Spirit in us through Christ, though we have many imperfections.

—Henry Scudder


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