Wait upon God and be sure of remembrance

It is said, “The Lord remembered Noah,” wherein is discovered to us the most faithful care and careful faithfulness that is in Almighty God for His true servants.

He looks upon their perils, He sees their dangers, and in His due time He remembers to relieve and release them, as He did here Noah and his family. Can the bride forget her ornaments? Can the mother forget her child? These things are not easily done, though they might be done, but the Lord cannot forget His, who making Him their God, He has made His servants, and written them in His hand, and has made them as signets on His right finger, that He may never forget them, “O Lord,” said David, “what is man that thou art mindful of him, or the son of man that thou so regardest him?” (Ps 8:4). Wait then upon God’s leisure as Noah did, and be sure of remembrance in due time as he had.

—Gervase Babington (1550-1610)


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